Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who do I contact in regard to the car lot outside of the neighborhood?

A. Greenfield Village is not associated with the car lot. To submit an official complaint, contact the Harris County Precinct 4 Commissioners Office at 713-755-6444 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Q. What is the status of the retention pond located outside of the neighborhood?

A. For updates, questions or concerns about the retention pond, contact the Harris County Utility District #15 at 281-376-8802. You can attend the water board meetings



Q. Did I choose to become a member of the homeowners association?

A. No. Membership is not optional; you accepted it when you accepted the deed to your property in Greenfield. Membership passes to the next owner when the property is sold.

Q. What are Deed Restrictions?

A. All properties in Greenfield Village are subject rules which place restrictions on the deed to your property. The rules ("deed restrictions") were designed by the Developer of the community to preserve property values and to protect and maintain the quality of the neighborhood. A summary of the restrictions, as well as copies of the complete documents, are available for review or download on this website.

Q. I have seen many properties with violations and nothing is being done. Who do we contact?

A. If you see a violation occurring on a property, contact the CAM office at 281-852-1155 to submit the complaint, with pictures, if possible. Although it may appear that “nothing” is being done on a property due to inactivity, please understand that activity may be continuing in the background.

Q. My neighbor is always parking in the street. Why can nothing be done about it?

A. If there is a vehicle that is parked in the street illegally, expired tags or if they are inoperable, you must contact the HCSO to have the vehicle tagged and towed. Otherwise, if the vehicle is legally operable, the Association cannot pursue this item as the streets are owned by Harris County.

Q. Can assessments be paid over time?

A. Yes. Provided your account is not severely delinquent (more than a year), you may request approval for a payment plan by using the form designed for that purpose, downloadable from the Association Website. While Association approval of, and conformance with, such a plan will protect you from collection measures, please remember that interest will continue to accrue on the unpaid balance.

Q. Who is responsible for repairing the fence between my house and my neighbor’s house?

A. Once a fence is installed on or near the property line, it becomes the joint responsibility of the adjacent owners. As time passes, it doesn’t matter which side the pickets are on, nor who actually paid for the fence. The Greenfield Village HOA does not get involved with fence disputes that are not visible to the street.

Q. There is an easement on my property. Is it my responsibility?

A. Yes. An easement is an area typically dedicated to current or future use by utilities. While they guarantee ingress and egress by the utility company, they are still part of your property, and they must be maintained by the owner of the property without restricting availability to the utility company.

Q. What can we do to control loose animals, etc.?

A. You can report loose animals, nuisance animals, and/or maltreated animals to Harris County Animal Control 281-999-3191.

Q. What about my neighbors barking dog?

A. You must contact the HCSO non-emergency for assistance in rectifying the issue. THIS IS NOT AN ISSUE FOR GREENFIELD VILLAGE HOA

Q. I would like to change the color and structure of my home

A. You will need to fill out an ACC Approval Form; This can be found on the neighborhood website

You can retrieve and/or view a copy of the Greenfield Village HOA Deed Restrictions by visiting

Harris County Sherriff’s Office Non-Emergency

(713) 221-6000 Non-emergency

(713) 755-6044 Information Line

Harris County Utility District #15

The Board generally meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:00PM at:

4127 Breckenridge Drive
Houston, Texas 77066

Trash Company

Texas Pride Disposal: 281-342-8178

PO Box 1186

Rosenberg, TX 77471